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The Mirror of Peachland

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In the pan-visual entertainment phenomenon of contemporary society, I am concerned with the narrative capacities derived or altered by the language of media and the substitution of media itself, and explore the disappearance of subjectivity in the medium of recording personal histories.

I concatenates and juxtaposes the diaries of stranger during the Cultural Revolution with the video journals of individuals in the current digital age, and parallels these clips with a private dialogue, which is the sounds of reading of these diaries combined with whispered monologues.

As the textual and pictorial content in the clips from different eras continue to correlate, sound begins to alienate and question. The resonance of the instrumental guqin with the performance as a thought fluctuation that interprets the entrance of the image allows the audience to slip from the subject-object duality of 'dialogue' to the empathy and experience of the subject.

This project is attempted to gain the viewer's suspicion of the uniqueness and certainty of the image subject, and to reflect on the broad associations brought about by the textual medium and the restrictive nature of the image medium as well as the disappearance of individual subjectivity under the coercion of mass media.

Moving image, 4 minutes, 44 seconds, 2023

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